I need assistance finding add-on(s) in the TMM Store?

  1. Access the TMM Store.
  2. Then tap the TMM Store Assistant button

  3. Next select the add-on(s) you are interested in, then tap the back button to return to the TMM Store.

  4. The TMM Store now shows the add-on(s) you are interested in and any discounted bundles that contain any of those add-on(s).

  5. To clear the selected add-ons, access the TMM Store Assistant then tap the button.

What is the vehicle safety checklist and how do I set it up?

The checklist is your list of safety checks that should be performed on a daily basis. When the checklist is enabled, you will be prompted once per day for each vehicle to confirm you performed the safety checks

and the Confirmed Checklist column with a yes or no value will the added to the exported report of your trips.

To setup the checklist:

  1. Access the settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the Vehicle Checklist section and type in your checklist. Add the vehicle name and/or date placeholder shown below to have the vehicle name and/or date merged into your checklist.

    Vehicle name placeholder: [vehiclename]

    Date placeholder: [date]
  3. To actually turn on the checklist feature, change the Daily checkbox to the "ON" state.

How does OneDrive storage work with this app?

OneDrive is free online storage which the app can use to store your trips so you can access them from all your android devices, windows 8 pc's and surface tablets. To get OneDrive, all you need is a Microsoft account. If you've used Microsoft services in the past like Xbox, Hotmail, Skype, or Outlook.com you already have one.

Syncing your trips with OneDrive requires internet access with the ability to communicate with OneDrive servers. If a connection to OneDrive is not available any modified trips will be saved locally but will be pushed to the cloud during the normal syncing process after the internet connection is restored.

When does the app sync with OneDrive?

The app attempts to sync changes with OneDrive:

  • Every time it starts
  • When you add, update or delete a trip
  • Every 10 minutes, while the app is running
  • When you tap the Sync Now button on the OneDrive page.