How do I update the time format?

  1. Access the preferences pane.

    Keyboard shortcut: Command key (it has a ⌘ symbol) and then the ","

  2. Click the General tab then select from the list of formats in Time popup list in the Date/Time Format section.

What does each button do?

  • used to add a new item
  • used to return to the previous screen
  • used to start the batch update process when at least 2 trips are selected
  • used to add an existing picture or choose it from the camera role
  • used to cancel the current action
  • used to move to the next step in a process
  • used to copy an existing trip to a new trip
  • used to start the delete process
  • used to open the filtering of trips or the store, the color also tells you that not filtering is active
  • used to open the filtering of trips or the store, the color also tells you that filtering is active
  • used to complete the delete, clear or reset process
  • used to save changes in most cases except for receipts or mileage rates which require you to click the same button on trip edit or mileage type edit screen.
  • used to start the report export process
  • used to restore previous purchases

Can I track my mileage without advertisements?

  1. Access the TMM Store (click here to learn how)
  2. Scroll down to the "Single Items" section and click on the "Remove Advertisements" row but if you want to see any discounted bundles that include this add-on then:

    1. Click the button in the lower left corner to open the store assistant popup
    2. Then scroll down to and click the Remove Advertisements row
    3. Next click the TMM Store window to close the assistant and return to the filtered store listing
    4. Finally click the add-on you are interested in from the bundles or single items section
  3. Details about the purchase along with screenshots will be provided on the right side of the screen. When you are ready to purchase, click the buy button in the upper right corner of the screen and follow the In-App purchase instruction provided by Apple to complete the purchase.